Amanda and Paul

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Our Story

In the early weeks of 2017, Amanda and Paul started their romance as thousands had before them -- through a dating app message. Amanda opened with either a question about how Paul was planning to spend the upcoming inauguration day or a compliment for the cute dog featured on his Tinder profile (she doesn't remember). A few pithy exchanges later, they had agreed to go on their first date at a bar on H Street the day after Valentine's Day (nobody needs that pressure). From the beginning, Paul liked how put together Amanda seemed, that she liked cooking as much as he did, and her blue, blue eyes. Amanda was intrigued by Paul's Ben Wyatt-like good looks, penchant for spreadsheets and researching date spots, and adorable rescue, Jack.

After many commutes between Columbia Heights, DC and Columbia, MD, a road trip to the solar eclipse path of totality, a multi-country tour of Eastern Asia with friends, a move-in together in Silver Spring, and many medical ups and downs for Jack, Paul proposed on September 8, 2020. At the tail end of their week away together in Ocean City, MD, Paul suggested they take a walk on the beach at sunset before dinner. Several blocks of the beach later, Paul got down one knee, to Amanda's complete surprise and delight. She of course said yes and thankfully the entire moment was captured on photo and video by Paul's parents, Jim and Stacey, who snuck up for the day.